Meeting Activities

In the first step, the staff from all ten schools will research, design and plan practical experiments including mentoring system around the project subject of bioenergy production. The staff will meet face to face at the transnational project meetings together with nine mentors and plan the experiments of biogas and bioethanol production.

During the implementation of the new practical resources, students in each country will be introduced to the subject of bioenergy production and its theoretical background: biogas produced by an aerobic fermentation of waste food, bioethanol produced by enzymatic waste paper hydrolyses and an aerobic fermentation .

In the second step, the focus is on practical lab work for evaluating the action-oriented teaching module of bioenergy production and on the acquisition of methodological skills. Students also learn how to measure and evaluate the data e.g. glucose, bioethanol and biogas quality andquantity acquired through the experiments. They learn how to prepare experimental set-ups in the lab and how to carry out the experiments. They also learn how to measure and evaluate the data acquired through the experiments.

During the lab workshops, the visiting students carry out there spective experiments under the guidance of the mentorteams. The set-ups are then jointly evaluated and if necessary, modified by the students. In addition, excursions to bioenergy producing companies at the venue are organized by the host schools. The results of the workshops and the dissemination activities are finalized.

In the thirdstep, an energy workshop will be prepared and conducted with the goal to compare the different energy types about cost efficiency, sustainability and greenhouse effect. On the basis of the professional knowledge acquired in the project, further ethical tools will be worked out during this workshop. Those tools will help to structure the decision process for coming to a reflected evaluation not only in the field of selected resources for bioenergy production but also in other future personal and social questions. Furthermore, a possible energy mix for Europe will be worked out on the basis of the specific conditions of the countries.