At School

With the worked out experiments in the project the lab work curriculum of the Johanna Wittum School Biotechnology High School is focused on the production of sustainable energy by fermentation.

Corresponding to the conducted teacher workshops in other high schoools it triggered a desire on sustainable energy production by biotechnology for saving fossil fuels and enviromental protection. This development supports the goals of the European Union in sustainability.


Johanna-Wittum-School – Pforzheim – Germany

JWS is a vocational highschool specialized in the topics of natural science e.g. biotechnology and food science with chemistry and also in social science. The school has about 1400 students from the 9th to the 13th grade and 135 teachers.


The age of its students ranges from 15 to 19. After passing their final exams, a lot of our students go on to university to study life sciences, medicine, biotechnology, biology or chemistry.

Our school has gained a nationwide reputation as a centre of competence and mentoring in the field of biotechnology education at schools. We would like to contribute this know-how to our international Comenius partnership.

Workshops that offer a hands-on approach to understanding biotechnology are held at the JWS on a regular basis. Students of the JWS participate as instructors. For more details see modern biotechnology at school.

For more informations, kick on this link and download our presentation:  presentation_of_jws_pforzheim-2