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With the worked out experiments in the project the lab work curriculum of the Johanna Wittum School Biotechnology High School is focused on the production of sustainable energy by fermentation.

Corresponding to the conducted teacher workshops in other high schoools it triggered a desire on sustainable energy production by biotechnology for saving fossil fuels and enviromental protection. This development supports the goals of the European Union in sustainability.


Teacher Workshop

Implementation of produced Biogas teaching module started in the teacher education system of Baden-Württemberg on 13. 10. 2016 at Johanna-Wittum-School, 16. 02. 2016 at the Valckenburg-Schule in Ulm and 27. 11. 2016 at the Justus-von-Liebig-Schule in Waldshut, where lab workshops were conducted. Taught in biogas production on each teacher lesson were 12 collegues. Another teacher lesson will be performed on 14.12 – 16.12.2016 at the teacher Landesakademie in Esslingen.

Turk Egitim Vakfi Inanc Turkes Ozel Lisesi – Kocaeli – Turkey

In 1990, Sezai Türkeş, one of the most prominent industrial leaders of time, established a school for highly gifted and economically disadvantaged children called Inanc Turkes High School to the honor his wife. In 2001, Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), one of the biggest non-profit organizations, took over the business and took the responsibility of education of these special students.



The purposes of TEVITOL are to prepare students for their future roles and as leaders in their society, to develop each student’s special gifts and talents, recognizing their individual strengths, to encourage them to think globally and act locally by sharing their talents within the community and beyond.


The campus founded on a unique location with picturesque view of Marmara Sea, is a small learning village where student teachers and nonacademic staff live and learn together.
In TEVITOL, students are guided by foreign and Turkish teachers. The education period, including the preparation year, is 5 years in total. The graduated students continue their educations abroad or in Turkey, it depends on their personal choices.

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Vilnius Jesuit Gymanzium – Vilnius – Lithuania

Vilnius Jesuit High School is situated in the most picturesque site of Vilnius, namely in the Old City that according to UNESCO resolution is included in the List of World Cultural Heritage. It is an independent Roman Catholic school providing secondary education of high academic standard and bringing up younger generation of Lithuania in accordance with the principles of Jesuit education.


Today 716 students at the age 10 to 18 attend classes under the guidance of 81 teachers.
Vilnius Jesuit High School is an exceptional educational institution. High quality of education in terms of advanced curriculum to be presented to the learners in a way to gain maximum absorptive effect and maintenance of good relationships with the community are the most important advantages of the school.

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Kollegium Kalksburg – Wien – Austria

The Kollegium Kalksburg is a former Jesuit, now private catholic school located in the green suburban area of Vienna.


We are an 8-year grammar school, with students aged 10 to 18 years. We offer scientific education as well as humanistic education, and a lot of special elective courses.
Students in the science branch attend various projects, like this Comenius project. At Kollegium Kalksburg, after-school supervision, lasting until 17:30, is provided.

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Fenyi Gyula Jezsuita Gimnazium es Kollegium – Miskolc – Hungary

Our jesuit academic grammar school is a dominant educational center in the northeast of Hungary emphasizing catholic values.

Students aged from 12 years to 19 years have the opportunity to broaden their perspective by a comprehensive educating system concentrating on high leveled knowledge in different subjects -especially in chemistry and biology.


Our high school cooperates fruitfully with other local high schools and with the local university as well. Ambitious students can get insight to several chemical and biochemical experiments.

Our scientific team has participated in numerous projects inside and outside of the borders of Hungary. High percentage of the gratuated students continue their scienctific universities, where they outstand.


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Gymnázium sv. Františka Assiského – Levoca – Slovak Republic

Gymnázium sv. Františka Assiského – LEVOČA – Slovak Republic

Gymnázium sv. Františka Assiského was established in 1991as a catholic grammar school. It is located in the eastern part of Slovakia in the historical medieval town of Levoča that was added to the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

School picture_SLOVAKIA

Our school is a traditional secondary grammar school that prepares the students for university and lasts four years or eight years if the students have enrolled earlier from the primary school. The secondary studies finish with a final-school-leaving exam in the final year which comprises four subjects, two compulsory – Slovak and a foreign language and two electives.

The students have to follow a national curriculum and may be focused on both humanities as well as science. Our school offers a number of afterschool activities ranging from sports, foreign languages, music or science to various projects.


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Biskupske Gymnazium – Brno – Czech Republic

Biskupské gymnázium is catholic grammar school located in the second biggest city of The Czech Republic, Brno. The school grounds are settled close to the centre of the town in a very nice and quiet area on a hill, surrounded by park and gardens.


Founded in 1941 the building’s purpose as a jezuit school was involuntarily changed first time by Nazis in 1943, second time by the Communist regime in years 1949-1991. Finally it was reestablished as a grammar school with two classes of 8 year general education and three classes of 4 year education.

Attanding our school you may choose from following educational programmes: sciences, social studies and general education.


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Niels-Stensen-Gymnasium – Hamburg – Germany

The Niels-Stensen-Gymnasium is located in Hamburg, Germany.


We are a catholic gymnasium with about 650 pupils and about 50 teachers.
The school was founded in 2003 and started with two 5th grades.
2011 these pupils reached their „Abitur“ (graduation from high-school).
Our focus is on music and science.


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Lycée Léopold Sédar Senghor – Evreux – France

The Léopold Sédar Senghor high school is a public school was founded in 1991. The school is located in Evreux, the main town of Eure department, in Upper Normandy (France). You can visit the website of the school with this link.


The school has a capacity of 1350 pupils. There is 120 teachers and 50 others staff (executive, laboratory technicians and assistants, maintenance worker…). The school has 35 classroms, 8 computer labs, 15 science labs including 6 specialized in biotechnology.

You can virtually visit the school with these links :
- General tour of the school, canteen and boarding school,
- Labs tour.

— The school prepared pupils in two main way of education :
- general education sections in literary, scientific and economic and social sciences,
- technical education sections in biotechnology and chemistry.
In addition, the school has a section of students higher technician certificate assays and control in biotechnology.
This students will work in research and control labs of the food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals industries, and in expertise labs. You can visit directly the homepage of this section by following this link.


For more informations, kick on this link and download the presentation: presentation_of_senghor_high_school