The global energy usage of the industrial nations has lead to a great dependency on fossil raw materials like oil, gas and coal. But those fossil raw materials are coming slowly to the end and getting so more and more expensive. Furthermore, we know by using fossil raw materials, the climate is changing as well.

Goals:   The EU reaction to this problem is the Strategy Program 2020.

  • 20 percent of the final energy consumption has to be provided by renewable sources by 2020. A great target compared to the share of 8.5 percent we have today.

Solution:   One possible alternative is the biotechnology:

  • By using renewable raw sources to  produce bioenergy – biogas and bioethanol –  could help to reach the aims of the EU Program 2020.

Dilemma:   Using agricultural products as resources for the bioenergy production is doubted.

  • Many discussions are made around the “tank and plate problem”. Together we try to figure out a sustainable and possible energy mix for future.

We explain the process of changing waste materials to bioethanol and biogas, it will be done by waste materials which are not in concurrence to the food production and don’t increase the prices of food.